1ST RULE: You do not self-nominate to gain eligibility ****

2ND RULE: You have not graduated to the blue shorts level yet, please wear the correct shorts color – which is yellow.

3RD RULE: You must be able to do the entire warm-up, including 10 minutes of skipping.

4TH RULE: Again… You DO NOT self-nominate to gain eligibility! Ajahn Suchart or appointed Kru or Kru-Yai select you based on their certified discretion. They know when you are ready.

5TH RULE: Once you have been deemed ready, sign the facebook event wall with your FULL REAL name. NO Nicknames please. Mention your short size S,M,L,XL,XXL and the school you are training from and who nominated you. Don’t have facebook? Then email your info INFO@SIAMNO1.COM with the subject line: BLUE SHORTS TEST.

6TH RULE: Registration deadline MARCH 26. this goes for all applicants, Krus and Kru-Yai who nominate them. We need to make sure shorts are available for everyone in attendance. If you register AFTER the deadline, you are not guaranteed shorts. RESPECT the deadline.

7TH RULE: PAYMENT is on the morning of the Blue Shorts Test date, with the EXACT and FULL amount posted on the event, unless your gym is supplying the shorts. DO NOT PAY IN LOOSE CHANGE!

8TH RULE: It is very wise to bring your own container for water, as we do NOT sell water; and be sure to take your water bottle with you.

9TH RULE: When you have finished the test, remain respectfully seated. Ajahn and the Krus have a special presentation for you that must be respected. DO NOT hit the bags, DO NOT use the weights, DO NOT spar with others. If you have that much energy AFTER your turn at the TEST, you were NOT trying hard enough.

10TH RULE: There is only ONE BLUE SHORTS TEST in your life, so put forth your best effort, and take it seriously because when you graduate from the basics, the REAL training starts.

Earning Blue shorts from Siam №1 is a HUGE accomplishment! There is LOTS of time to prepare, so show up to class at your respective schools ON TIME and TRAIN hard and demonstrate to your Ajahn, Kru Yais, Krus, PooChoi Krus and fellow students you are ready!

BST March 2020