Muay Thai translated; ‵Boxing′ (Muay) of Thailand (Thai), developed for close combat using 4 parts of the body (elbows, knees, hands, legs) as an effective weapon. This martial art has been in existence for more than 2000 years and has evolved from the battle field to the ring as Thailand’s national sport which is now also practiced around the world. From international acclaim it is projected to be in the 2010 Olympics.

As a strong, independent sport and with the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai has been sought after by the industry leaders in training and coaching to improve athletes overall skill, stamina, strength and cardio vascular conditioning.



Grading System


Yellow Shorts signify the beginner level and Blue Shorts signify the intermediate level. All students who join Siam №1 begin with yellow shorts, regardless of experience in prior schools. At Siam №1, students learn from a Thai Master and are introduced to fundamental concepts and combinations. Students learn the proper stance and walks and also basic technique that produces the most effective weapons. The yellow shorts entitle students to attend Beginner and Mixed classes (see schedule).

In order to achieve progression from yellow shorts to blue, students need to demonstrate a grasp of the basics techniques and have excellent conditioning. Only through commitment, patience, and time can students become ready for testing.

The Blue Shorts Test occur 3 to 4 times a year and students take the test as soon as they, and Master Suchart, feel they are ready.

Once the Blue Shorts test has been passed, students advance to the intermediate level and gain several opportunities. Students earn the opportunity to spar, train more technical aspects of Muay Thai by attending the intermediate classes and fighter classes. These classes are more rigorous and challenging with added techniques and skills. Blue shorts are expected to mentor new students, lead warm ups and if they choose, compete in the sport. Acquiring the Blue Shorts level is just the beginning of learning Muay Thai. Any one skill, particularly in Muay Thai, takes years to perfect. The art of Muay Thai is a life-long pursuit of commitment and effort. There are no short cuts or easy solutions to mastering a skill. Green shorts follow blue shorts; however, these shorts are not easily acquired and require years of commitment and skill.

Champions are made, not born. Some are born with a natural ability to learn faster, be adept in some skill, but no single person was ever born a Champion … even Champions start out as beginners.

At Siam №1 there are several levels one can achieve through Muay Thai beginning with the ranking of the shorts. Then, students may also earn roles of responsibility within their school:

  • PooChoi (assistant instructor)
  • Kru (instructor)
  •  Master
  • Grand Master

At the advanced level, students showing initiative through mentorship, attending seminars, assisting the main instructor, the PooChoi level can be achieved.

Over the years, with consistent effort and an excellent demonstration Muay Thai technique, instructing classes from beginner to advanced, the Kru (instructor) level can be achieved.

It is one of the leading martial arts in the world. You do not have to be a fighter to yield the health benefits offered at Siam №1. All walks of life enter the school and receive the best possible physical conditioning by Canada’s first, longest running and largest Muay Thai facility. With classes tailored to all skill levels and ages, kids through to grand parents have enjoyed Siam no.1’s approach to fitness.