The seminars vary in topic and level and can be made specifically to address the interest of your group. Each topic has at least 5 sessions that cover a range of Muay Thai topics that range from: history, philosophy, technique, practice drills, and language. In order for students to complete a level of seminars, all sessions must be attended. Students receive certification and recognition by Ajahn Suchart, a globally recognized Ajahn. A session normally last 4-6 hours but are modified to meet needs of group. The following are some of the components offered throughout the year:


This series includes an introduction to the basics of Muay Thai. The emphases is on proper technique, footwork, stance, and balance. The seminars include introduction to Muay Thai positions, basic weapons, terms, and traditional practice and combinations. Students listen, practice and repeat a variety of techniques and strategies. Seminars will also include explanations and demonstrations of the traditions of Muay Thai culture including relationships between Ajahn and student, training regiment expectations, use of the heavy bag and pads.


This series builds on the beginners seminars and includes instruction and information on more advanced techniques. Building on the 4 main weapons of Muay Thai, these seminars introduces additional moves and explains their appropriate and timely use. Advanced combinations and drills are introduced and practiced. Further history and sport culture is shared including origins and purpose of the spirit house, mong kong and flowers; ceremonies; and music.


There are a variety of seminars both one time seminars and series that are offered on specialty topics that can be shared at your gym upon request. Seminars that focus on one weapon: i.e. Seminar on Elbows, Seminar on Knee, Seminar on Muay Thai kick, and Seminar on the use of Hands in Muay Thai are offered. Each of these begin with the basics and move into more complex techniques using the weapons. They also introduce offense and defense moves using the weapon. Other specialty seminars include Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran – traditional, ancient Thai martial arts.


These sessions are offered to students who have their blue shorts and are interested in or have started competing. The focus is on students current knowledge and introduce ways of using their skills in the ring. Offensive and defensive moves become of focus and particular drills and combinations are introduced and practiced. Beyond technique, students are introduced to the ring and ways of maximizing the space in the ring. Drills and skills are repeated and practiced in partners. As well, students are taught the Wai Kru and explanations are given for traditions including fighter blessing.


Students with a minimum of 2 years Muay Thai experience and have demonstrated strong skills in both Muay Thai and in working with others may want to become Poo Choi Kru (Assistant instructors). Based on the recommendation of their Kru or Ajahn Suchart, students take the series of Poo Choi Kru seminars which include the theory behind Muay Thai. In order to teach, one must acquire a high degree of skill AND understanding of their area. Ajahn reviews the theory behind the basic techniques and discusses appropriate teaching methods for them. Time is spent on discussing and reviewing the warm-up routines – their purpose and process.


These seminars are offered to Krus who want to advance their skill and understanding in Muay Thai. Often, these sessions are given to smaller groups as they are more specialized and cater to the very specific developmental needs of already highly qualified instructors. Thai language, gym operations and philosophy, discussions on teaching methods, particular techniques are discussed.

All seminars can be modified and made suitable to the particular group of students. Ajahn Suchart is also available as a guest speaker for 1 day seminar. For sessions held abroad, Ajahn Suchart happily provides 2 day seminars in order to maximize time spent with students.

Please call now and book early as space is limited. Call Siam №1 for more details.